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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Shipping Out Of The Philippines:
Answer: We no longer ship out of the Philippines. However there is a solution for you as a reseller. You must have a local Philippines contact/friend/family member that we can ship to here in the Philippines. They can then go to their local courier and ship to you. It could be LBC or Federal Express, UPS, Philippine Postal Service. It's entirely up to you and your contact to determine the best way to ship to you.

Question: Why do I need to wait for verification that the items are in stock if they are listed in your shopping cart when I select them? I thought the items would be secure for me to buy then?

Answer: Most shopping carts do work that way, but we have encountered a unique problem with our buyers.
Initially we did just that, you order the item(s) they are instantly reserved but there was no payment capability for say GCash or Smart Money or even Bank Transfers so the customer would submit the order today, this would take the items out of stock and reserve it for the customer (normal process).

The main and most common problem we encountered was that the customer would wait a day, two days or more to make the payment. And often the customer would change their mind and want to change out items for other items and/or colors. This caused a major issue with us because we have so many customers that they too would want the same items, but were already reserved and had to make a different selection, then right after the order was fulfilled they'd see the item pop back up on the site. They would rightly so get mad, why like that they would ask.

So to accomodate all forms of payments especially for the Philippines, we have to follow a "Order Items First" Verify In Stock 2nd, and then make a payment. This works the best and everyone seems to be a lot happier.

Question:Can you send us your catalog and prices?
Answer: Our WHOLESALE WEBSITE is our Online Catalog and Wholesale Pricing. We are a high volume wholesaler so that means we move through our products pretty fast and add new products 3 times weekly so providing a catalog is literally impossible. The same for a wholesale price list. The best way to view the latest items in stock are to view our website as often as you can. Again we move through our inventory pretty fast so keep an eye out for new items all the time.

Question: How do I get started with you as a reseller?
Answer: First, welcome aboard! We will do our best to provide you the best service and products available at the lowest price possible.
To start, please read everying in the left column of our shopping cart website (You are already there if you are reading this). A successful reseller is an informed reseller, so again please take your time and read all of the menu links for "Information" in the left column of our shopping cart website.

REMEMBER... There is NO minimum order requirement and we now drop ship as well for your convenience (it's optional)

FIRST TIME BUYERS: Ordering just one item is ok now (Effective Septemember 2015)

Question: Do you have VIP or Membership Fees?

WE DO NOT CHARGE A MEMBERSHIP FEE, that is just another way of getting free money from a potential reseller.
IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT ENOUGH IN YOUR RESELLING CAPABILITIES, we are happy to simply sell you wholesale prices as long as you follow our rules, terms and conditions.

Then once you understand how to order, copy items and buy from us, you're ready to simply select your items, submit the order, wait for your verification email and then make a payment based on your preferred payment option. Wait for items to arrive.

Question: I sent you an email and/or text right after I ordered but have not heard back from you?
Answer: We know that you are anxious to get your orders. Once you submit the order using our shopping cart,  We then either same day or no later than the next day, verify that the stocks are still avaialble and then we will send you another email with verification and a ready to ship message. At that time you must make a payment as soon as possible. Do not delay too much or someone else who has already ordered and paid for, the same items also may end up getting your stocks as we do not reserve.

Question: Can I be assured to get the right colors when I order?
Answer: Again, we are a high volume wholesaler and try to keep enough stocks on hand for lots of orders but some colors are more popular than others and they run out quicker than other colors. If we dont have the color you selected in stock, we will advise you in advance during the verification process.

PLEASE PLEASE try to let your customers know in advance, to always have a 2nd color option available just in case the1st color is not available. WE DO USUALLY HAVE ALL COLORS IN STOCK & IT IS NOT OFTEN THAT WE RUN OUT OF COLORS BUT AGAIN IF ITS POPULAR, IT CAN RUN OUT.

Question: Can I get your products on Consignment, because I don't have a lot of cash right now?
Answer: No, we no longer offer consignment services. We find that those that have money invested in their business are likely to be more motivated and successful than those that try to cut corners. It sounds good to offer to sell someone elses items but if for any reason they don't sell, they become old, typically damaged and then expect us to take the loss. This is not a real and profitable process for the wholesaler.

Question: Can I resell your products?
Answer: Yes, of course you can, If you buy from our website there are no minimum order requirements. Ordering one item is just fine.

Question: I'm an OFW and am buying for my friend, relative in the Philippines, is there anything I should know first?
Answer: Yes, Once you make the purchase and we drop off the items to the shipping/delivery company, we receive a receipt and tracking number of which we post on on our Tracking Numbers page.. At that point we no longer are responsible for the delivery and we have fulfilled our obligation and responsibility.

If the person, a friend, relative etc. says they have not received the items, please request the tracking info directly from us and we too will verify that the item was delivered. Unfortunately, we have in past cases found that the friend or relative, in fact did receive the items, sold them and then claimed they did not get them trying to avoid the repayment to you the buyer. So Please Use Common Sense when doing this for a friend or relative.

Question: How well do you communicate?
Answer: We do get busy, we are not a one owner operator pretending to be a wholesale supplier who has just a few customers and can answer all customers. When you have hundreds of customersand are getting inquiries everyday all day long, we just have to do the best we can. But, We have a landline, 3 cell phone numbers, we have email and viber, Facebook chat, a tech department and their FB chat so there is no reason ever to not be able to connect with us. So if we don't respond immediately it means we're busy.WE LOVE EMAILS BECAUSE WE HAVE A RECORD OFYOUR MESSAGES AND CAN BE SURE TO RESPOND TO ALL EMAIL INQUIRIES.

Question: Can I get a bigger discount your products?
Answer: Maybe, it all depends on the quantity of items you buy. We are talking minimum of 100-200 pcs not just 10 pcs etc. Again, Our prices are already super low, so it's hard to find additional discounts.

The bottom line is that we love all of our clients but if you are a reseller and only buy a few items at a time, we just can't afford to give you a bigger discount no matter how much we love ya! Our profit margins are calculated so that we offer you the best prices possible for the quantities ordered. If you need a bigger profit margin, your only option is to increase your prices. Remember, everyone asks for discounts so make sure you increase your retail prices enough to give a discount so you can still have a decent profit per item otherwise it's not worth being in business.

Question: What does Same Day - Next Day Shipping really Mean?
Answer: Effective 3/4/2011, we no longer offer "same day shipping". What it meant was that if your order was verified and you actually made a payment that we could verify today, your items would be shipped today. Unfortunately, we have experienced a big increase in daily order payments and shipping same day is simply impossible as there are not enough hours in the day to handle all the paid orders in just a couple of hours. Why, because most were paying by early afternoon causing too much stress to get it out the same day.

NOW... All Orders Paid for today are shipped next day... PAY TODAY - SHIP TOMMORROW.  This simply eliminates mistakes from being rushed and it eliminates last minute order payments that caused much of our problems and stress.

Remember: Payments must be verified before we ship by 1pm daily... Many customers would tell us they paid when in fact they never really did, thinking that they would get to the bank or Gcash a little later that day but for some reason, never made it. Meanwhile we're working on processing those orders, trying to verify a payment that was never made, costing us time and effort when we could be working on a "REAL PAID ORDER". So now we've eliminated the rush and all payments received today, the items will be shipped next day because we simply have to verify the payment is received first.

So please do not tell your customer order is coming until one day after you have paid....

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