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Lynn's Fashion Store is a dream come true for Lynn

She spent several years working in the fashion clothing industry and after she married and started her family, chose to move forward with her business dream. It's been almost 9 years now and she is growing so much, she has to literally split her time between family and business.

Her success story has motivated family and friends to start their own business and become successful themselves.

Lynn takes pride in offering "Great Customer Service".
Lynn says " Everybody offers similar products.  So the only thing one has to really fall on is their customer service. Being friendly and professional at all times". Offering NEXT DAY Delivery is a big plus but is also the biggest challenge. We get calls from all over the world at just about anytime of the day or night and it can be stressful, lets re-phrase that... VERY STRESSFUL, but in the end, it's well worth the effort.

But she went on to say that "you can't let the customer or your competitors bully you" and the customer is not always right. Be firm but always be fair and just. Let the bad customers go away and let your competitors deal with them, there are way too many good customers that are a joy to work with.

Also be aware that competitors can be mean spirited, selfish and try to back stab you whenever they can. We recently had the owner of one of our manufacturers tell us that a competitor attempted to "Block" us from using his services as a manufacturer. She literally told the manufacturer if they allowed us to buy from them, then she (the competitor)  would no longer buy from the manufacturer themselves. This person did not realize we were a bigger customer than our competitor so the manufacturer  refused to "Block" us.  This is a very sad and childish way of competing.  These types of people are never happy, always doing things behind your back, and can never be trusted and are difficult to like.

People that conduct business this way, may think that they have loyal customers, but as soon as another business comes along offering the same type items, they will lose business immediately and it doesn't matter what the price is. Price may be some incentive,but we know from past experience that real loyalty will over come pricing wars. So always be fair to your customers and never cheat or over charge them.. because eventually it will always come around to bite you if you don't.

Many of Lynns customers are now devoted friends and that is what she loves the most!

Lynn now operates a full time wholesale and retail boutique business in Tambo,Paranaque City, Metro Manila.

With a little help from GOD, we are truely blessed!... 


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