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Image Upload Speed

We hear alot that it takes so long to download the images to your facebook account.

What you may not realize is that the "Download Speed" and "Upload Speed" is regulated by your Internet Provider (ISP like Smart, Globe etc.)

Download speeds are typically much faster but really depends on the Internet speed set by your ISP.
Downloading the images is usually not the real problem.

IT's THE UPLOAD SPEED PROVIDED BY YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER…because once you download the images to your desktop and that's not the problem, it's loading the images one at a time to your facebook that takes time.

If that is correct, then its the upload speed that you have an issue with. 
ISP's assign more download speed than upload speed.

As an example: a 1 megabyte download speed will only allow you to upload at approximaately 1/4 of the download speed resulting in a .25 upload speed thus substantially reducing your speed to get the images from your desktop to your facebook page.

2 meg download results in a .50 or 1/2 meg upload speed
3 meg download results in a .75 or 3/4 meg upload speed

As you can see in the Philippines they do this to accomodate video views, gaming and fast searching etc as the majority of the Internet users are download users and not upload users. So if you are unhappy with how fast the images are uploading to your facebook, it really has nothing to do with Lynns Fashion Store but everything to do with your Internet Upload Speed.

A Final Note: In all Philippine ISP (Internet Service Provider) Contracts that you sign indicate that the speeds are approximate and not guaranteed. Often if there is a Typhoon or Brown Out, the Internet speeds are affected and if the download speed to view a video or listen to music is affected then you can be assured your upload speed will also be affected.

BIG TIP: When uploading images from your desktop to your facebook, be sure to not be listening to music and or watching videos at the same time as that also will reduce your speeds. If you are providing Wifi to family members in other rooms or areas or your neighbors have access to your wifi, that also will affect your speed performance for uploading to your facebook as well.

Hope this helps!