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Last year, Just about every government website and almost all major shopping retail stores were hacked and millions of customers ID and financial information was stolen.

Many of the retailers and government agencies either refused to talk about it or simply denied it.  The problem is global and the only real defense you have is to be aware.

LYNNS FASHION STORE DOES NOT ASK NOR REQUIRE YOUR PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION EVER! This protects you because if our website is ever hacked, there is no personal or financial information to steal.

Why? Because we do not allow you to buy when you order on our website. This is a major difference and benefits you because we provide a order, verify and then pay utilizing a third party such as a bank transfer, send money via LBC, or use Paypal etc.  They are much better equipped to protect your money in transit.

SO FEEL SAFE when using Lynns Fashion Store as your wholesale supplier in the Philippines.