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Everytime you mention that it does not work, Our I.T. department goes through a testing process in the shopping cart and it has always worked just fine.

So what this means is that you are likely very new to using a shopping cart system and are missing a step.

Once you have selected the items and added them to the cart,

You then either view cart or proceed with the "Checkout"

It does not matter whether you wish to use the guest order or the registration process. If you are a repeat buyer, do the registration as it will reduce your time for submitting all orders after that. But either process works just fine!

NOTE:  BE SURE TO WATCH FOR THE *asterisk* as it means that  it is a required field and you must fill that field up.

NOTE" BE SURE TO ALWAYS CHECK the "I read the terms and conditions" at the bottom of the steps process.

NOTE: PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THE PROCESS and read everything as you go through the order steps. It really is easy if you take the time to read it, so if you take your time, it will work the first time around.