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The latest experience in Buyer Fraud:  Customer buys a couple of small minimum order transactions. This allows the wholesaler to think that this is a good buyer. Then the buyer orders a large quantity of items. Tells the Wholesaler that it was paid and the wholesaler trusts the buyer and sends the items without payment verification because the buyer is in a hurry.  Then the wholesaler loses the items and no payment made. This happened to us recently. It was only after a promise to hire a detective to find her (the non paying customer) and then turn her into the police and file a case did she finally make full payment.


We will be proactive in finding you and we will file a case...

We have spent alot of time and energy compiling information for the customer so you can have a quick and easy experience ordering from us. Unfortunately there are a lot of fraudulent buyers out there that say they pay for things and in reality do not expecting us to ship just because they sound convincing that they really paid. Then the trusting and often newbie in the clothing business is excited for the alledged sale, ships the items without really receiving the money/payment and then realizes a couple of days later that they are now out of items and the payment. This is a hard lesson to learn and is very disruptive. Our Policies are designed to avoid these scenarios. WE DO NOT SHIP unless we VERIFY that the PAYMENT is TRULY MADE and RECEIVED. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE!

Please Read all of our Terms & Conditions as well as Payment Information:

A responsible reseller is an informed reseller and reads all the terms and conditions. If you do not take the time to understand our policies and then you run into a problem later on, it's usually because you did not read the information first.


We are a high volume wholesale clothing provider. This means that our customer service is dependent on you providing us prompt and accurate information when you communicate to us. If you are PAYING UNDER ANOTHER NAME, a Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Cousin or Friend, you need to tell us that immediately.

SCENARIO: Linda Johnson (A Customer) just called Lynn the owner and says I just made a payment please send the items right away. Lynn is very busy so she stops everything and starts looking for a payment under the name of Linda Johnson. No payment is found under the name of Linda Johnson, so Lynn then goes on to another customer to help them. Mean while, Linda is wondering where her shipment is? After all she made her payment. It turns out that Bill Smith a friend of Linda Johnson, made the payment for Linda Johnson in the name of Bill Smith. This causes confusion and delays.

We are not responsible if you do not give us the correct "Shipping Address" and/or correct "Payment Made By" name.



PAYMENT WAS NOT MADE!  Often we get told that the payment has been made and then a potential customer wants to see a shipping/tracking number. In reality the payment was not made and this literally causes delays for all the customers that really made their payments. If we find out that you are telling us you paid already and are fibbing / lying or stretching the truth, we will note that in your file. If it happens a second time, we will ban you from buying from us.  We are not perfect but one thing we are is honest so please do not tell us you have paid for an order when in fact you have not... WE WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE PAYMENT IS VERIFIED... Whew... wish we did not have to address this but there it is...


Reminder of Image Policy, our policy is that you cannot use our images for any purpose other than posting on your website. Reminder... If you are not an active reseller of our items and have not made a purchase within the past 30 days from us, you must remove those images.

You are not allowed to print our images for any reason!

I know it is the Filipino way to copy others and that is fine, but you will truely find that your personal pride and satisfaction is much greater if you do not deceive your friends and/or associates. Being honest and forthcoming is very important and makes for a happy life.


TIP!  To get the absolute best service from us, always be sure to make your order payments in the morning and the earlier the better... If you make payments too late, there is a chance it may not be verified until the next day... so always think in advance how you want us to respond to you... Remember, the Early Bird Gets The Worm!

If for any reason you are requesting a refund and/or have been approved for a refund over the phone by Lynn, please follow up with a direct email to Lynn at...   This also includes color and/or item exchanges.