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Some of our customers believe that using the shopping cart system that it is "SECURE" in that the items are truely in inventory.

We too wanted this to be true. But unfortunately, many of our customers are already working the system and using the shopping cart as a "RESERVE" System. Reserving the items and not paying until they are ready. This is NOT ALLOWED!

What this does is take item(s) out of inventory on our cart so no one else can order that item if it's the last one or few, and then the customer later changes their mind and wants a different item or simply does not pay and complete  the order.

So to eliminate the "Manipulation / Reserve Capability" we are going back to the old way of verifying items.


The shopping cart system is still super easy to use and makes the ordering and verification system quicker and easier as both of us get a complete well laid out itemized order. You get an auto response with a copy of your order, we get a copy of the order and all we have to do is VERIFY the stocks are available and contact you at that time.

Heres the simple process:

  1. You select your items and submit the order
  2. We receive the order
  3. We verify the items are still available same day or next
  4. We contact you with any changes or stock issues and then you verify you want to make any  changes if needed.
  5. Then you pay as you have before WITH A TEXT TO US INDICATING WHERE THE PAYMENT IS MADE
  6. Upon verification of Payment Recieved by 1pm Order can be shipped same day otherwise all orders paid and verified after 1pm then tthe Order is shipped NEXT DAY..

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